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Hail net offers protection from hail for crops

Hail net, also known as anti-hail net or hail protection net, is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) yarn with anti-oxidant additives on surface. Hail net is a kind of coverage tool, which is commonly used to protect crops, fruit trees and other plants from damage of hail, frost or storm. Therefore, it provides an ideal solution for fruit growers to increase the harvest yield.

A piece of crystal rectangular woven hail net
3mm × 7mm crystal rectangular monofilament hail net
A piece of white diamond-shaped hail net
White diamond-shaped multifilament hail net


  • Sturdy and flexible. Hail nets are made from high-density polyethylene yarn. They can not easily rip. Besides, they are soft and flexible enough to withstand hail to protect the crops or blossom from damage of hail, wind and severe weather.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays & decay. Anti-oxidant additives protect the hail nets from ultraviolet rays and decay.
  • High porosity rate. Hail nets have more than 85% porosity rate. The dense holes prevent birds, insects or wind getting into the nets.
  • Various colors and hole shapes. Hail nets are available in white, black, green, gray colors with rectangular, diamond or round mesh shape.
  • Lightweight & easy to install. Hail nets are lightweight and just need attaching with posts, cable wires, clips or other accessories.
  • Recyclable. Hail nets can be reused and they help minimize your expenditures.


Product Name Hail net
Material HDPE (plastic)
Wire diameter (mm) 0.15 - 0.35
Weight (g/m2) 40 - 200
Width (m) 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6 or by requirements.
Mesh size (mm) 4 - 12
Length (m) 50 - 300
Shade rate 30% - 95%
Colors Green, black, dark green, yellow, gray, blue, white, etc.
Accessories Square or rounded post, S-clips, carabiner clips, cable wires, C-loops, net connector, rings, etc.
Using life 3 - 10 years under normal weather conditions and use.
  1. Rolls on cardboard tubes & wrapped in plastic with color label.
  2. Soft plastic film or PP woven bags.
The detail of black woven hail nets connected with silver S-clip
Hail nets are connected with S-clip connector
Hail nets are fixed by net connector with cables through the hole
Hail net connector fixes the net with cable thread through the holes


  • Ideal for vineyard or other fruit yard to prevent hail attacking or wind breaking.
  • Perfect for greenhouse for heat protection.
  • Over large scale cultivation crops to deal with severe natural weather.
A roll of 2m × 10m dark green hail net
2m × 10m, mesh 5mm × 7mm green hail net
Gray hail nets cover a large scale of fruit yard
Hail nets protect a large scale of fruit yard with supporting posts
Gray hail nets safeguard the olive yard from hail damage
Anti-hail nets support hail to protect the olive yard from damage
Anti-hail net is connected with black S-clip with cables
Black S-clip with cables connects anti-hail net

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